I’m a people leader, cybersecurity practitioner, modern workplace connoisseur, content creator, husband, and father.

Hi, I'mDom.

I’ve been in technology for over twelve years, starting out in the classic starting point of support during my sophomore year of high school. I’ve since grown my career and today I work in digital transformation and cybersecurity in the SMB arena. I’m here to evangelize and raise the tide so that everyone can live a more secure digital life.

Recentblog posts

Sep 11 2023

AI is not a Red Pill

Listen, I'm just as excited about artificial intelligence as everyone else. However, like with many things, I am firmly in the camp of "proceed with caution." AI is and...
Sep 10 2023

Your Healthcare Provider may be Failing You

In the first half of 2023, an estimated 39 million people were impacted by 295 data breaches, in the US alone. This is a stupidly staggering number, and it just...
Jul 27 2023

Electronic vs Digital Signatures

Some time ago, I posted about certificate authentication, and certificates themselves. In those articles, I mentioned digital signatures and made a really small mention...
Jul 17 2023

Securing WordPress with Cloudflare Access

Quite some time ago, I posted about my use of Cloudflare's edge services to protect my WordPress installations. I still use and recommend Cloudflare as a frontend to...
Jun 04 2023

To IaaS or not to IaaS?

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) might just be the cloud in its purest form. It truly is just "renting someone else's" computer. Because of that, IaaS offers a ton of...
Apr 20 2023

Microsoft is Turning On Your Security Defaults – You Should Leave It That Way!

If you're a global administrator in a Microsoft tenant, you might have (or soon will) receive an email that reads something like this: You’re receiving this email...
Apr 07 2023

Supply Chain Attacks: On the Rise

The 3CX incident marked another highly successful supply chain-based attack, believed to be attributable to DPRK (North Korea) state sponsored actors. I won't bore you...
The White House Unveils its National Cybersecurity Strategy (Image: Pexels)
Mar 02 2023

White House Cyber Strategy – A Shift in Responsibility

The White House has unveiled the Biden-Harris Administration National Cybersecurity Strategy, and it has some really important implications for the tech channel. Two...
Mar 01 2023

Dear SaaS Companies: You’re Holding Us Up!

CIS 6.7, CSF PR.AC-1, and just about every other security framework call for centralized account management. SSO is the best way to deliver centralized account...
The 1Password 8 Client. Image Credit: 1Password
Feb 28 2023

I Moved to 1Password

Some time ago, I shared on LinkedIn that I had decided to tinker with 1Password, so I thought I would drop an update about it.