About Dom Kirby


Entrepreneur | Cybersecurity Practitioner | Modern Work Professional | Evangelist & Content Creator | People Leader | Husband and Father

I’m one of those whom you might say “started early” in life. I was fortunate enough to meet my beautiful wife Lindsey and we ended up having our first kid quite young. Many see that as an “oh no” moment but for us it was a catalyst. Through a ton of work, a lot of support, and probably some blind luck, we’ve been able to grow together and have 4 awesome boys. Prior to that, quite young as a matter of fact, I learned the principles of internet marketing, online advertising, and the overall potential of working in tech. As a result, one of my hobbies is experimenting in that space (WordPress Development, etc.). I started my technology career in 2010 with a classic “drop a resume off and see what happens” move. It paid off greatly and I was able to grow very fast from entry-level work through to executive technology leadership. Throughout, I’ve learned and mastered concepts on the job and with help from mentors. I consider myself to have well-rounded skills in cybersecurity, tactical business planning, entrepreneurship, cloud transformation, and modern cloud platforms. In 2015, I started my own Modern Solutions Provider and focused on providing “done for you” modern workplace solutions for small and medium businesses in Denver. I really mastered a lot there and gained a massive understanding for “what’s missing” in SMB tech. That was my catalyst to move “up the channel” to Pax8 in 2019. Through a journey as a professional services implementation engineer to now leading a team of them, I’ve loved every day of it.


My Content

Through the work I do in the channel, and the awesome people I work with, I’ve gained a voice that I intend to use to empower and improve the channel. I create content primarily on LinkedIn, YouTube, and right here on my blog. I also speak at events related to leadership, cybersecurity, and modern workplace. The goal of my content is to educate and raise awareness around cybersecurity and digital transformation in the SMB space, plus whatever shenanigans I may get into with my friends along the way.

My Ventures

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, and I believe one’s wealth is one’s own responsibility. To that end, in addition to being a Pax8r, I’m always looking for fun new ventures to get into. I do this partially through establishing my own brands for things such as cybersecurity apparel but I also engage in affiliate marketing, freelancing, public speaking and the like.