Who has a website?

Written by Dom Kirby

Former MSP Owner, CyberSec Practitioner, Modern Work Pro, Evangelist, Husband & Father

June 6, 2021

I do, that’s who! My first dive into technology was actually in the internet marketing arena back in the day (I was super young). I was building forums and WordPress sites, selling affiliate products, and all that good stuff. I still use WordPress, and I’m pretty damn good about it (sorry, sometimes I like to brag). However, when I decided to launch an old-school blog I had to consider the “free time” I have on hand. I decided to go with a platform based Squarespace site so I wouldn’t have to care about WordPress updates and what not. Might not be my best looking product, but the content will be gold (I hope).

Anyways, I wanted to blog again because I sort of miss it. I also wanted an easy place to send people instead of “oh yeah just search me on LinkedIn.” We should totally connect on LinkedIn, but it’s much easier to find DomKirby.com! I’ll be using this medium to write content and share my media, and I’ll link to it on social.

Hit up the contact form if you have questions!

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