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I love it when I get to help friends, and Matt is one of my best friends! Matt was looking to upgrade his site from Squarespace to something a little more custom and more aligned to his other brand assets.

To power that transition, I built him a fresh WordPress site with Divi elements built around his brand assets. In the end, Matt was looking for a simple yet elegant site to accomplish a couple of key goals:

A Blog

I’m not calling him a copycat, but Matt is gonna start blogging like me! That’s great, web content is a massive tool to increase awareness and a great medium for readers to consume. To accomplish this, I built a Divi element that templatizes his post, so all he has to do is write his thoughts down.

Media Assets

When you’re going to be interviewed, hop on a show, or be featured in media, assets are important. I created a page where he can send people to access his headshot, bio, and logos with ease.

Whatever else comes next.

The beauty of a WordPress site is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Matt’s site is starting small, but we all know he’ll take it to new heights all the time.

Creative Process

Matt and I worked together to expand his brand assets to include web-ready assets to fit his overall design goals. Starting with a color pallet with fun names like “Russian Purple” and UN Blue:

From there, we worked to create assets that fit in the background and subtly put his brand identity front and center:

Finally, tying these elements together meets the goal of a simple, yet elegant, website where Matt can centralize his content and public identity.

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